How Democratic Lotteries support democracy

Better representation. A lottery creates decision making bodies that reflect the makeup of the general population better than elected bodies. 

There are no made-up games. Power is shared by the assembly as they deliberate to find wise solutions in all topics. 

Many trial runs have already shown that given time, information and resources lottery picked groups successfully deliver community judgements on difficult issues. (Ask us for examples!) 

No personal wealth is needed to be a representative. This reduces the perception and occurrence of corruption and enables everyone to serve. 

We are them, they are us. With no opposition party to beat, representatives have time to study issues and a reason to find mutually beneficial solutions. 

Representatives are free to speak and act in earnest and to “vote their conscience” rather than say what the party leadership tells them to say and to vote the way they are told to vote. 

No party loyalty required. Only loyalty to our country and to each other matters.

In short, there would be no campaigning, money raising, partisan bickering, blaming, shaming, spinning, name calling, straw-manning, demonizing, or anti-intellectual pandering. In short, better mental health for us all.