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Seminar: CAs Instead of Elections?

Citizens' Assemblies and Lottery Selection as the Democratic Alternative to Elections

Saturday 8 April at 12:30pm Eastern, 9:30 Pacific

Nearly everybody agrees that elections in the United States (and internationally) are horribly failing to live up to the democratic ideal. The ego-driven, wealthy, older, white males, who typically win elections fail to represent the interests of ordinary Americans. The alternative that has been tested hundreds of times around the world (though hardly at all in the U.S.) is democracy by jury. Democratic lotteries put ordinary people from all walks of life, instead of politicians, on policy-making assemblies. This use of democratic lotteries was actually an essential part of ancient Greek democracies, where elections were considered oligarchic. This reform has exciting potential and is mushrooming globally. This workshop will cover the history and prospects of what political scientists call “sortition.”

Terry Bouricius, a recovering politician who served 20 years as a law-maker and then a decade as an election reform policy analyst, will present the seminar. He has written several highly influential scholarly papers on the topic.

The 4 hour seminar will be divided by a 1 hour break part way through.

The cost is three self-selected levels. Pay what you can afford. If $29 is too much, contact us and we will work something out.