Lottery Selection Spring 2021

The selection was held on Sunday, 11 April. It was run by Owen Shaffer (Operations Coordinator) and two retiring Board Directors: Chris Forman and David Grant. All three are not eligible to be in the selection. The results are on the right side.

While the privacy of individuals is maintained, you should be able to find yourself in the table. Consider your email address that you used to join the organization. Put the second, third, sixth and seventh character of your email together and find it in the table. Select # is the position in the democratic lottery that each was selected.

As individuals are contacted (Contact date) and individuals choose to be on the Board (Said yes), the table will be updated. Each person is given 3 days to respond to the email inviting them to join the Board.

Elected Boards in other organizations are able to identify their Directors shortly after the election is over because those standing for the elected position have already agreed to serve if elected. A democratic-lottery-selected Board is different, however. No one was pre-qualified to be in the selection, so time must be given to selected individuals to determine if they want to be on the Board.


Spring 2021 Selection Results

ymua 1 n 11-Apr
amsk 2 n 11-Apr
adcc 3 y 11-Apr
en36 4 y 11-Apr
waur 5 y 11-Apr
atg3 6 n 12-Apr
ob.g 7 y 13-Apr
kktt 8 n 14-Apr
arre 9 y 14-Apr
ooon 10
aiop 11
avar 12
ohua 13
yaer 14
arll 15
brnc 16
inwe 17
skth 18
ay.l 19
ocma 20
axax 21
ylch 22
amlj 23
erbo 24
evah 25
23ra 26
ro1@ 27
heno 28
ewar 29
one@ 30
edtz 31
obic 32
ysrd 33
undr 34
ct29 35
eora 36
co.t 37
eths 38
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