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Board of Directors

Democracy Without Elections believes that democratic lotteries should replace elections in many situations, and a Board of Directors is a perfect example. We practice what we preach: Our Directors are selected by lottery.

Our Board is comprised of nine members who serves 18 month non-renewable terms, and three rotate off and are replaced every six months. Below are links to our Board and the lotteries that selected them.

Our newest Board Directors are:

Leroy Martin, Los Angeles, California
Laura Mirsky, Milford, New Jersey
Madeline McCarren, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Lezli Warburton, Sacramento, California
Robyn Morris, Oakland, California
Margaret Toman, Garner, North Carolina

The following Directors might remain on the Board. Given that the first Board was 100% male, it was decided to add 5 females to the new Board that begins in June 2021. At the May 2021 meeting a lottery will be used to select two of the continuing Directors who will retire from the Board, thereby having the requisite nine Directors.

Michael Miller, Renton, Washington
Drew Penrose, Silver Spring, Maryland
Erik Carter, White Plains, New York
Don Ferris, Sahuarita, Arizona
Brian Shelton, Alexandria, Virginia

Directors retiring at the end of May:

David Grant, Baltimore Maryland
Chris Forman, Chicago, Illinois
Edward Morgan, Austin, Texas
Jonathan Crock, Washington, DC

The Officers of the organization are not Directors, but serve at the pleasure of the Board. Our Officers:

Operations Coordinator – Owen Shaffer, Asheville, NC
Treasurer – seeking applicants