Democracy Without Elections is structured to ensure transparency, equity, inclusiveness, accountability, responsiveness, empowerment, and broad based participation.

Our organization is governed by a Board of Directors which is selected by a democratic lottery (sortition). The goals and objectives established by the Board are implemented through a Committee structure. The organization is managed on a daily basis by two Officers who are not Directors, an Operations Coordinator and a Treasurer.

Our Board is comprised of up to nine directors who serve staggered 18 month terms. Once a Director’s term expires, they are ineligible to be selected again until they sit out one term. Every six months a lottery is held to select new Directors to replace those who have rotated off the Board.

Board of Directors

Robyn Morris
Oakland, California

Madeline McCarren
Arlington Heights, Illinois

Lezli Warburton
Sacramento, California

Jenna Christensen
Salt Lake City, Utah

Eric Carter
White Plains, New York

Drew Penrose
Silver Spring, Maryland

Brian Shelton
Alexandrea, Virginia

Allan Martin
Los Angeles, California


Owen Shaffer
Asheville, North Carolina
Operations Coordinator


Don Ferris
Sahuarita, Arizona
Acting Treasurer


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