Fall Board Director Lottery Results

Democracy Without Elections is unique in that we select Board Directors with a lottery. We practice what we preach! In addition, the Board recently increased its size to 11 Directors.

Each Director serves an 18 month term. Elaine Daniel has rotated off the Board, but will continue to attend meetings as the Board Secretary. Thanks to Elaine for her continued service!

The members who have been lottery-selected are Suz Cleaver from Salem, WV;  Laura Berry from Bar Harbor, Maine; and Lance Hilt from Santa Clara, CA. They will join continuing Directors John Huang from Houston, TX; Erik Carter from White Plains, NY; Byers from Santa Cruz, CA; Joanne Rusch from Highland, MI; and Patrick Mundy from Petaluma, CA; Dave Tarby from Chelsea, MI; Melanie Winter from Los Angeles, CA; and Sass from Eugene, OR.