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If we have any hope of affecting change to more democratic principles in the broader political realm, we must enable young people to learn about and experience firsthand the changes that our organization proposes. What better way to do this than to promote exploration of the roots of our democratic values within academic curriculum and student government?

Where in the world have cultures adopted the use of democratic lotteries, citizens’ assemblies, juries, and other forms of sortition in both ancient and modern times?

What role did a lottery system play in the original democracy of ancient Athens?

How did the jury system evolve to be included in the United States Constitution?

How did students in Bolivian high schools transform their student government by replacing traditional elections with a lottery system?

How might student governments on high school and college campuses create more representative and effective bodies using sortition?

What deliberative processes are already in use in US schools?

Sortition Resource Guide for Educators

Reinventing Civic Education with Lotteries

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Democracy in Practice: Experiments in Democracy and Education (ve en español)

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