DWE is Looking for a New Executive Director!


Our current Director, Owen Shaffer, will be stepping down at the end of May, and we need someone to fill his big shoes.

The position is currently a volunteer position that has required about 10 to 12 hours per week (See below for a list of skills and tasks to get an idea of what the position entails). Also, you get out of the position what you put into it. The potential for growth is alive with the right motivation.

If you're interested (or just considering), please put your name in the hat by simply emailing your name to: executivedirector@democracywithoutelections.org. by April 1, 2024 (No cover letter or resume necessary)

(Our gratitude goes out to Owen for five years of excellent service to our cause).



People: Communicating and working with people, smoothing feathers, enforcing Board of Directors (BoD) decisions, giving the member's perspective(s) to the BoD.

Coordination: Encouraging and connecting volunteers to tasks, finding lines between committees, finding lines between committees and the BoD.

Writing: developing and maintaining Coordinating Committee minutes, writing organization updates to membership, correspondence with individual members, correspondence to sibling organizations.

Speaking: Talking to groups of members, presentations to and discussions with sibling organizations, presentations at Monthly Meetings.



Working with the BoD,

Meeting agendas,

Running the lottery for new BoD members,

Informing the BoD about member goals, objectives, activities,

Maintaining Bylaws & Policy Manual,

Finance Committee liaison

Coordinating Committee issues, initiatives for members, Small Grants Program, setting up seminars.