DWE Small Grants Program

The DWE is asking people for ideas on how to spend some money for our organization! We will be giving away grants up to $800. If you’re not a member yet but have a good idea, please go ahead and sign up for membership (it’s free) and you will be eligible.


DWE members may apply for small grants for projects that promote the DWE Mission and Vision. When funds are available, the grants will be up to $800. Repeat funding for other parts of the same project are allowed. Priority will be given for projects where the amount requested is less than half of all money needed.

Grants can be used for: government (all levels, including student government), unions, education, member recruitment, and building the movement. Expenses covered must have receipts or bills. A report will be due at completion on the outcome(s) and lessons learned.

To apply for a grant, send a document to grants@democracywithoutelections.org (4 pages maximum). In the body of the email, include the applicants full name, mailing address, email, and project title.

What to Submit

To keep the grant proposal anonymous, attach a separate document that includes the following, numbered as shown. To keep the grant proposal anonymous, do not include your name or other identifying information in this document. “Other identifying information” includes any information so specific that it effectively identifies the applicant, for instance location/setting information. Instead you may use descriptors, e.g. “a city of size ____ that is a suburb of a city of size ___.”

  1. Title (descriptive) of complete project
  2. Describe complete project and costs. Concise, well-organized descriptions are more likely to be viewed well. Please use subheadings.
    1. List other funding sources for the complete project. For other funding, include the amount available (if already granted) or amount requested (if not yet granted).
    2. Include a timeline (including submission of final report to DWE).
  3. Describe the part of the project for which funding from DWE is requested (the endeavor).
    1. List key outcome measures to be included in the final report.
  4. Describe how the endeavor meets our Mission and Vision.
  5. Describe your experience with projects like the one you propose.
  6. Describe your team members (if any) and their experience with a project like this.
    1. List any key team members who will be sending an email of support. Support letters should not name the applicant. Instead refer to “the applicant” and use gender-neutral pronouns (e.g. they).
  7. List costs (each item) for the endeavor. You may use estimates when exact numbers are not available.
  8. Include the total amount requested from the Small Grants Program.