Democracy Without Elections has 3 Interest Groups, a Board of Directors and two committees that operate the organization under the direction of the Board. Fill in the form to contact one of our principle members. None of these individuals have been elected or are paid.

Owen Shaffer is the Operations Coordinator of the organization. He is also the Chair of the Coordinating Committee which directs the organization within the parameters defined by the Board of Directors.

Dave Tarby is the Chair of the Outreach Committee. The Committee works to spread the word and build a movement centered on democratic lotteries. They work with messaging, promoting writing and speaking engagements of members, and building the membership.

The Citizens' Assembly Interest Group is committed to introducing citizens' assemblies to answer tough questions before any organization or governmental body. It is lead by Owen Shaffer.

Chris Forman leads the Education Group. The Group promotes democratic lotteries in schools and universities, both through lesson plans for teachers as well as promoting the use of democratic lotteries in student governance.

The Governance Interest Group strives to implement democratic lotteries and deliberation in boards, unions, organizations and governmental bodies. It is lead by John Huang.

Dave Tarby is the Webmaster, and Wayne Liebman is the Newsletter Editor.